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Erchim FC win the league title before 2 matches

Erchim FC admin
(IX / 30, 2016)

Erchim FC win the league title 10 times before 2 matches. Forward Ishino Shuta open score first 3' . This game was so interesting cause so many UB City FC's fans came in MFF stadium and they were strong supporting against Erchim FC. Second half 68' goal is opponent striker TugsBileg. Erchim FC midfielder Tuguldur's brilliant cross pass hit the target when forward Babi's right leg smart finish give us amazing victory's goal at 89' . Added 4 minutes later referee whistle blowing finally Erchim FC win 10th times national league champions. Thankful our team Sponsors, coworkers (HERBALIFE, BTF, ADIDAS), fans (Chelsea FC supporters of Mongolia) and THERMAL POWER PLANT-4 also national league organizer MFF.




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